Benefits of Purify O3

What is it?

An O3 purifier is a device that disinfects and sanitizes CPAP accessories like tubes and masks. Ozone (O3) kills pathogens and germs, which can cause allergies or other severe respiratory problems. A sanitized CPAP accessory ensures a night of restful sleep. This product is widely used in several industries worldwide, including but not limited to medical facilities, public water purification, food process, and hotel/office housekeeping industries.

Benefits of a Purify O3

Quick Clean

A disinfection cycle of this Ozone Purifier only lasts 35 minutes, with an additional 90 minute recommended rest to allow residual ozone to disperse. This means no more wiping each product clean with your own hands as it will do the job for you, that too, faster.


No pre-wash solutions or filters are required.

No noise pollution

O3 (ozone) Purifier is an ultra-quiet device. The only time it makes some noise is when the cycle is complete.

Travel Companion

Lightweight and portable. Its design is such that it saves space and allows you to travel easily. Its long-lasting battery will enable you to do multiple cleanings, just from a one-time charge.


The gas used in this is a naturally formed gas that is waterless and chemical-free. Ozone (O3), activated oxygen, is widely used as a disinfecting agent in a number of facilities.


Provides hospital standard sanitation and guarantees to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria permanently


Since this is a no liquid device, there is no need to add any filters or explore extra solutions to get the job done. Thus, making it affordable.

Easy to navigate

It is extremely easy to learn this device. You only need to push one button that initiates the disinfection process, and the unit will shut off automatically when the cycle is complete.

Remember:This easy to use purifier is an excellent investment for our future.You can greatly benefit from this product in terms of ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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