Folding Commode Chairs – a Highly Useful Support System

Designed to provide a basic and much-needed facility, a commode chair acts as a second toilet for someone who is facing challenges in sitting in the washroom or accessibility issues due to some sickness or injury. Whether you are recovering from a leg fracture or you are an elderly whose body is not fit enough, foldable commode chairs definitely come handy.

A commode chair near the bedside of the patient not only provides him/her the support facility for using the toilet but also decreases the reliance on someone. The folding commode can be transported anywhere without facing difficulties. Before purchasing it, special consideration has to be given as there are lots of options available for buying medical supplies online or from the shop, but you need the best one, as for someone already injured, a re-injury must be avoided.

Benefits of Folding Commode chairs

Easy transport: A folding commode chair is portable, so it can be easily moved and the caretaker can push it without much effort. It can be folded and unfolded in seconds and can be transported from one place to another, conveniently.

A bedside toilet: For those people who are handicapped or are in a wheelchair, the width of washroom doors does not support the access. These commode chairs relieve them of such a challenge. The chair can be placed near the bedside for an easy and comfortable reach out.  

Helps in quick recovery: The commode support helps ensure you don’t exert yourself in order to use the washroom. An injured patient’s stitches could come out if they are not taking precautions. It is better to consider the material and build quality of such portable commodes. If made of steel, folding chairs are often durable and sturdy.

Best for senior citizens: Some old-age persons are physically weak and they find it difficult to bend or stoop in the washroom. Using this support chair comes as a relief.

Suitable for pregnant women:  During the last few months of pregnancy, sitting on a low height commode in the washroom can be worrisome for a to-be-mother, so these folding commodes chairs can be adjusted according to the height of an individual.

Can be availed online: Many eCommerce websites have made these chairs available on the internet. Nowadays, so many medical professionals recommend the right chairs that are designed to suit your requirements. You can review the online range with the help of these recommendations, too.

Nova Folding Commode – Why it makes a Difference

Among all the options that are available, the folding commode chairs from Nova are something you can rely on. They are designed to fold and unfold quickly, making them a perfect toilet accessory when you are traveling. The Nova chair can also be used in your washroom as a raised toilet – ideal for someone who faces issues while bending down. It features a steel frame that can be adjusted according to one’s height, making it easier and comfortable to use. It also comes with a bucket, lid, and splash guard.

Besides all these features, its weight holding capacity is remarkable. The Nova commodes are cushioned to provide comfortable seating. Their availability is not limited to dull and monotonous designs, as they come in vibrant colors, like blue and orange.

You can check out the complete range of such specifically designed commode chairs online.

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