Pinnacle Stair Lifts: Getting You There

As modern human beings, we have come to expect comfort and utility to dictate each of our lifestyles choices. It is the need for such convenience, which drives innovation. We needed something more convenient than a bicycle and a horse carriage, and thus the automobile was born. For millennia, we have weathered through the cold and heat of outside. Yet for the comfort creature in us, we built the heater and the air-conditioner, allowing us to control the weather within the confines of our homes.

Keeping in line with this ethos, one such revolutionary innovation is the Pinnacle Stairs Lift. This is not a blog aimed at getting you to buy this product. Instead, its focus will be on the complexity of what makes a suitable stair lift, and how Pinnacle has set the new industry standard while its competitors play catch-up.

Stairlifts are a way for people who due to illness, age, or ability, may find it challenging to go up and down the staircase. While comfort is essential to the way we live currently, having the ease of access to all the facilities within our own homes is also highly crucial. To combat this obstacle, a perfect solution is a stair chair.

Now that you believe that getting a stair chair is the best way to proceed, what features should one expect and how to differentiate between a good and an excellent chair? Well, first of all, the entire contraption should be low maintenance with less number of moving parts. Additionally, if a warranty for parts is provided, then that is another great plus point.

The physical dimensions of the seat should be large enough to cater to all body shapes and sizes, with the ability to carry individuals up and down the stairs consistently for an extended period. Adequate footrests are an essential feature as well. More importantly, its size should be enough to let the stairs free to use by other family members, even when unfolded. When folded, it should neatly tuck into the side railings to provide clear access to those on foot.

Another essential feature is the ability to control the lift remotely. First of all, the motor should have a built-in back up, which keeps the chair operational in case of power outages. Next, there should be the ability for other people with access to the lift to be able to operate it too, either by remote or by a mobile application.

Other details which one should pay attention to when purchasing an excellent stairlift are the weight capacity of the lift, the range of incline of the lift and the slope of your stairs, the amount of power it drains when hooked up to your electrical mains, and its primary drive system.

Having focused on these characteristics, all rational consumers should be able to identify for themselves the ideal choice, the Pinnacle of human innovation. For immense peace of mind and a dignified lifestyle, this stairlift is a perfect choice!

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