About Us
Established in 1999 by owner and president David Gampher, we take pride in offering the best in ethical, caring, and individualized services. We have a strong commitment to products of the highest quality in the industry and promise exceptional customer satisfaction. Our home medical supply and mobility solutions offer a wide variety of innovative equipment and concepts to make your life easier, safer, and all-around better. We are staffed with talented experts who are very familiar with our equipment and can help you decide what option is best for you and your needs. We treat each case with an individual approach and high level of care, sensitivity, and understanding. Our only goal is to help improve your life and find the best products for you.

Our Showrooms
To provide convenience and accessibility, ACG Medical Supply has two showrooms in Texas. One of our showrooms is located in Rowlett, TX, and serves the Dallas area and surrounding counties. Our Bedford, TX, showroom is our newer facility and is 3000-square-foot. Located at the intersection of Harwood Road and Central Drive, it provides access to durable medical equipment for customers in Tarrant and the surrounding counties. We truly are the medical supply store near you that you’ve been trying to find.
At both of our showrooms, you’ll find superior products and an exceptional staff ready to help change the way you live for the better. We provide free shipping for orders over $100.

Meet the Team

David Gampher ~ President & Owner

Matt Bentley ~ Manager Bedford Location

Charlene Hall ~ Billing Manager