10 Products for Post-Surgery Recovery

Have you or a loved one recently had surgery or are you planning to have surgery? Make recovery easier by having the tools you need to lessen pain and continue on with your activities of daily living. These ten products have helped many during their rehabilitation. 

1. Hip Replacement Kit

Hip replacement is major surgery. Make the recovery process easier on yourself by purchasing our hip replacement kit. It has everything you will need for dressing and bathing. Buying the kit will help to save you time and money.

2. Rolling Walkers

We have all kinds of rolling walkers to choose from. Some of our walkers have baskets, fold small and are even able to be used while standing upright. Rolling walkers help you to regain balance and independence as you recover. 

3. Commodes

It’s sometimes very difficult to get out of bed while you are recovering. It may make your recovery time take even longer if you are moving around too much. A bedside commode, like this 3-in-1, is easy to use and can be modified for other uses later on. 

4. Pill Organizers

Sometimes, it’s hard enough to remember to take your vitamins. It can be even more challenging to remember medications after surgery. This top-of-the-line pill organizer comes with a daily alarm and will help you to manage your health more effectively. 

5. Body Wedges

As you rehabilitate, you will want to find a different position to lay in. You won’t be able to put pressure on the area in the same way you did before. These wedges are great for elevating yourself to a comfortable state. 

6. Ice Packs

Ice packs will help with swelling and help you to sleep. These packs also can be heated if what you need is heat therapy. 

7. Braces

We have a variety of braces that can help give you support as you recover from surgery and as you go through physical therapy. 

8. Bandages

We offer a wide range of wound dressings. Wounds typically need to be cleaned twice daily. You won’t want to have a shortage of clean bandages. There are self-adhering bandages, bandages with ionic silver and more for every need. 

9. Walking Canes

The type of cane one wants after surgery may vary, but many people like the offset aluminum cane because of the variety of colors and the comfortable latex-free design. 

10. Reacher 

You may not want to ask someone to hand you everything you need. Overexerting yourself may set you back in recovery. You can use this to pick up items off the floor or from a high shelf without having to bend or stretch. This is a safe alternative that fosters independence. 

If you started off the new year in recovery from a procedure, don’t forget to get the supplies to help speed that process up! We have a vast selection of products to help you recover. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.