6 Springtime Activities for Seniors

Spring Fever can impact the best of us, no matter our age. It’s a common feeling that can occur after a long winter in which you feel lazy or restless at the onset of spring. This can be especially challenging for seniors, as it is more difficult for them to get around in the winter, making them anxious to get active this season! Here are some senior-friendly activities to maximize this spring.

Play Ball!

Take them out to the ball game, take them out to the crowd! Whether it’s grandkids or a local sporting event, getting outside to watch a good old fashioned ball game can be a thrilling and nostalgic time. Many ball complexes have wheelchair accessible entrances and seating. They may even get a better view of the game from the reserved section.

Park Adventures

State and national park visit days can put a smile on anyone’s face. Do a little digging to find out which parks near you have the best access for mobility scooters and walkers. There is a lot to see and enjoy at the parks, including nature trails. You can easily take a scooter with you with these lifts and ramps to meet your specific needs.

Bird Watching

If you haven’t participated in bird watching before, now’s the time to join an older adult in the adventure. Birds are beautiful to listen to and watch. If you watch them long enough, you may be surprised at the amount of entertainment they bring, especially if a journal is kept to document which birds come to certain feeders. Be sure to have a bird book nearby to identify unknown birds. This can be done from the comfort of their own home.


Gardening has a way of really making a person feel a part of the world and useful. As we grow older, it can be a challenge to garden because of bending over. However, investing in a raised garden will give anyone access to plant and harvest from a wheelchair or walker. If they are wanting to garden year-round, consider an herb garden.

Farmer’s Markets

Attending farmer’s markets are a great way to stay active and maintain a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. They are typically held on a public street where wheelchair access is simplified. They can bring a portable walker along and even invest in some accessories like this basket to carry all of their good finds!

Picnic, Picnic, Picnic

Sandwiches, good company and great weather, are all of the best parts of a spring picnic. You can bring along activities to do once there like a good book or board games to play at a picnic table with the wheelchair rolled right up to the table. This is a great way to get some sunshine!

Make time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and reap all of the benefits that come with it! If you or your loved ones need medical equipment to get there, contact us today!