How to Buy Electric Hospital Beds for Home Care

Whether you require hospital beds for your hospital or home care for your parent or loved one, you should consider their quality and durability before the purchase. Based on your needs and budget, you can choose to buy fully electric or semi-electric hospital beds that have the desired features and fulfill your requirements seamlessly.

With a huge number of online suppliers and a plethora of hospital bed options, choosing the right supplier to buy a superb-quality hospital bed can be a daunting task. You should consider various crucial factors to make the right choice and get the desired electric hospital beds at a competitive price.

Check out the essential factors to consider that will help you make an informed decision and choose a renowned and experienced supplier to get the desired products.

Assess Your Requirements

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your needs and check out the size or weight capacity and features you would be looking for in the hospital bed before procurement. The clarity on this part will help you choose the right kind of bed with the desired features. A standard homestyle hospital bed provides a 36” wide by 80” long sleeping surface. For a taller person consider an extension for the bed with a longer 84” mattress. For a heavier person you should look at beds 42” 48” or even 52” wide.

Make a List of Desirable Features and Extras

Hospital beds come in different types like fully electric, semi-electric, manual, and luxury hospital beds. You must make a list of features and extras that you would love to see in your bed which make it easy for you to take care of your loved one. Some of these features include full length side rails or half-length side rails. Do you need a trapeze for the patient? If your patient has a history of skin break down consider an air mattress or an overlay to prevent bed sores.

Height Range of an Electric Hospital Bed

Based on your patient’s needs and comfort, you should check the height range of your electric hospital beds and ensure that it is comfortable and provide a rejuvenating sleep and relaxation to your loved one. If your patient is prone to slipping out of bed you should go for full electric low beds with an 8”-20” height range.

Go for High Quality Adjustable Beds

When looking for a semi-electric or electric hospital bed, you must check out the quality of the bed before the price. Choosing a quality bed with at least 1year of warranty will be the right fit for you that offers mental peace and value for money. The bed should deliver a high level of flexibility, blend with other furniture in your home and accommodate the mattress that provides proper relaxation and facilitate a speedy recovery.

Choose a Reputed and Experienced Supplier

Check out and choose a committed and experienced supplier who provides you best quality bed, impeccable customer service, and helps you get dependable after-sales services. You must check out their online reviews and ratings or clients’ testimonials to get quality assurance.

Get Bed Installed Properly By Professionals If Needed

Whether you can install the bed yourself or need professional help, you must check out this factor and then choose the supplier. A top-notch supplier will deliver quality medical equipment and bed and provide professional installation service to fulfill your requirements. You are most likely to get maximum satisfaction from the superb-quality hospital bed that would last for years.


Considering these essential factors will help you make the right decision to get the most suitable hospital bed for your home care.