Keep Your Feet Happy All Year Long!

Happier feet are only a tap away. The importance of feet are often overlooked, but they are pivotal to an overall comfortable body. The good news is that you don’t need to pay for an expensive and short-lived spa day to make your feet happy. Here are some ways that you can give your feet the attention that they deserve. 

1. Moisturize

Keep your feet soft and protected with a good moisturizer. Nobody enjoys walking around on feet that are cracking. We have moisture-rich creams that your feet will love like this Pedifix deep-healing foot cream.

2. Healthy Weight

Your feet are meant to support your entire body, but excessive force can exacerbate and cause issues like decreased circulation. In some instances, being overweight can lead to diabetes which can come with additional foot pain to navigate. 

3. The Right Shoes

Having the right shoes is so important for healthy feet. In the summer you may see some people wearing flip flops and sandals. While your feet may like the feeling of the fresh air, they are not getting proper support. Wear shoes for the right occasion. If walking, wear walking shoes. If running, wear running shoes. Wear what is comfortable and will give your feet and entire body the appropriate support. 

4. Additional Support

Sometimes, what your feet really need are comfortable insoles. We love the Spenco Total Support Insoles. The bottom of the foot should be making complete contact with the insole to help aid in overpronation. We have them in a range of sizes for men and women. 

5. Hygiene

Give your feet some love by practicing good hygiene. Keep your nails trimmed straight and clean to avoid ingrown nails. Each time you shower or bathe, be sure your feet are getting cleaned well. If it’s difficult for you to bend down, you can get a foot scrubber. Be sure to dry your feet well after showering and then apply moisturizer. 

6. Find the Right Socks

You may be surprised at how well a good pair of socks feel. Whether you need diabetic socks or nonstick slippers, your feet will thank you. Socks will make your shoes more comfortable and help prevent blisters and calluses. 

7. Daily Stretches

You may know the importance of stretching your legs and arms, but don’t forget about the feet. You can stretch your feet by following a few of these moves. Your feet will be stronger and more flexible in movements if this is done consistently. 

8. See a Podiatrist

If you are struggling with foot pain and nothing seems to help, reach out to a specialist. Podiatrists will be able to get to the root of what’s bothering you and provide some solutions that can make walking enjoyable again. 

It’s easy to forget about foot care but taking care of your feet can go a long way! If you are in need of the products to do so, check out ACG Medical Supply’s catalog – we’ve got the products you need to keep those feet happy year-round.