Staying Safe Through the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time to come together with loved ones. It’s lovely to be able to reminisce about the days of the past and make new memories to bond over next year. As enjoyable as these times are, the holidays and the winter season, in general, can pose added risks to older adults’ health. Here are some ways to stay safe this season and enjoy all the festivities have to offer.

Spend time with loved ones wherever you can.

Sometimes the winter season can get people feeling down. Seasonal affective disorder can impact anyone. One thing that can help with this is being around others. As you age, it can become difficult to gather with loved ones in the same capacity as the days of the past. This doesn’t mean you should go without seeing loved ones, you only have to be a little more creative. If it’s difficult to get out of your home, have others over to your space. Even if your space is smaller than what it used to be, you can still have family over. It’s an opportunity to make new traditions and memories that are just as special.

Enjoy the holiday treats in moderation.

By all means, have a couple of cookies or some slices of salty meats and cheese. Just don’t overdo it. If you have a health condition like diabetes or heart disease, you can put your health at risk by indulging too heavily on these items. Set yourself up for success by always having healthier options available that are just as enjoyable.

Ask others for help.

The holiday stress can take a toll on anyone. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Reach out if you need help with anything from wrapping presents to shoveling. In fact, if you are trying to shovel for a long period of time, you may want to reconsider. The heart has to work twice as hard to keep you warm while you exert yourself in the snow. Consider taking frequent breaks or reaching out for assistance.

Decorate safely.

It’s fun to get out twinkle lights this time of year, but it can pose some fire hazards and fall risks. Use newer lights that have been safety tested to not overheat. Also, take care to lay cords and extension cords in a way that will prevent tripping hazards.

Prevent illness.

Winter is not the time to relax on germ precaution. It’s cold and flu season culminated with exposure to more people. Be sure to always wash your hands before touching your face or eating. Do your best to avoid coming in contact with others who may be sick.

 Dress Warm.

Hypothermia is a very real winter threat. Always dress for the season whether inside or outside of the home. You never know when a fall may happen or when your car might stall. Be sure that you’re dressed to withstand a longer period outside should the situation arise. If you’re worried about finding yourself in this situation, you may want to consider the Guardian Alert 911 and the Freedom Alert for safety.  Additionally, dressing warmly can help to prevent sickness. Keeping yourself safe is a priority year-round, but it can often be forgotten about in the mix of the holidays. Get the products to help keep you stay safe before the accident occurs from ACG Medical Supply.