Top Quality Bath Accessories to Purchase for Elderly Care

Bathroom accessories can transform the aesthetics of the room and enhance comfort. They are essential for all. When it comes to making the bathroom safe for your elderly parents or any loved one who is disabled, owning suitable bath care accessories is crucial. Getting premium quality bathroom care accessories like grab bars, handheld shower, toilet seat risers, toilet safety frame, automatic lightening, bath chairs, and bedside commodes will help elderly people get assistance in bathrooms.

If you are looking for premium bath care accessories that will help lower the risks of falls or slips and minimize contact with toilet germs, you should consider getting them from an experienced supplier. You will find a wide range of bathroom care accessories in the market. Assessing your requirements, bathroom area and space and quality of the products are some crucial steps you need to undertake before finalizing your decision to purchase bath care accessories.

Here is a checklist of some bathroom accessories that are designed for safety and convenience and make it a breeze for seniors, disabled persons, and others to use bathrooms.

Grab Bars

Grab bars provide a secure grip and facilitate easier movement. They reduce the chance of slipping and/or falling and help older adults or disabled persons lift themselves from the toilet or bath easily. They enhance safety and comfort and give peace of mind to seniors and their caregivers. They are installed in the shower, the tub, or around the toilet.

Bath Chairs

Bath chairs are crucial for old age persons or disabled who are in wheelchairs. They enable such people to enjoy their bathing with increased safety and flexibility. They may be lightweight with height adjustable legs and wheels that can help them conveniently get to the showers or bath tub and get their bodies cleaned thoroughly.

Bathtub Mat

A Bathtub mat gives a safe bathing experience that can help you upgrade your daily bathroom routine. It provides a large anti-slip surface on the floor of your bathroom. It cushions your footfall and makes your showering more enjoyable and least stressful.

Bedside Commodes

Disabled persons with restricted movement would find it difficult to use normal commodes. Bedside commodes are portable, free-standing toilets that may come with backrest, padded seats and other features to accommodate patients’ specific needs.  Whether you need bedside commode or toilet chairs for your nursing home or hospital, you should check out all their features and assess them vis a vis your requirements to make the most of your purchase.

Handheld Showerhead

Handheld showerheads are yet another piece of luxury bath accessory that will give you more personalized showering experience. The handheld showerheads can be highly beneficial to people with limited mobility. As they are attached to shower walls with a long rubber hose, they make it easy for persons on wheelchairs or shower chairs to enjoy bathing. Handheld showerheads thus let them feel empowered and independent as they may not require the aid of a caregiver to shower.

Toilet Seat Risers

Lower toilet seats can aggravate the joint pain in people with arthritis. It may be uncomfortable for disabled persons. Installing a toilet seat riser can be the best way to say goodbye to the discomfort and help people attend to their vital lavatory activities. Besides, toilet seat risers with arms or height adjustable standing toilet safety rails make it a breeze for old adults and taller people to use commodes effortlessly. Getting them from a premium supplier at a low cost would help enhance the safety and comfort and make it easier for caregivers to take care of them. 

Based on your bathcare accessories requirements, you can easily shop online from a reputed medical supplies store to get impeccable quality products at a pocket-friendly price.