5 Reasons to Lease Vs Buy Medical Equipment

The rapid evolution of medical technologies has brought major changes in the healthcare trends at present. Advances in medical equipment have somewhat boosted the efficiency of the delivery of medical services, thereby improving the quality of life of the patients. As a medical practitioner, if you are working with outdated equipment instead of top-of-the-line equipment, it may not only affect your productivity but may also create a negative impact on your reputation. Hence, it is essential that you purchase and utilize new and updated medical equipment in your practice.

However, it cannot be denied that technological advances in the medical field tend to be in a constant state of flux. As such, it is of utmost importance to give a second thought while making investments in new equipment. Apart from medical practitioners, several patients face the need for medical equipment at home for their early recovery. So, should they purchase all the medical equipment that they require or go for a second option? If purchasing does not appear to be a comfortable option, all you can do is lease the medical supplies.

Read on to determine the reasons why you should opt for leasing over buying medical equipment.

Manual Equipment

Easy to Afford

The foremost advantage of leasing medical equipment is affordability. Leasing assists the medical practitioners in making monthly payments in exchange for using the equipment and returning it at the end of the lease period. Besides that, patients often require medical supplies at home after surgeries or to recover faster. In such a case, leasing may turn out to be advantageous as the supplies can be returned to the medical supply store after his or her recovery.

Financially Flexible

Apart from easy affordability, leasing offers you flexible payment options. People with bad credit scores can always go for leases with flexible payment terms instead of loans. Payment can be easily made in installments. In fact, you can negotiate for low installments. In case you find it comfortable or needful to buy the leased medical equipment, you can do so at the end of the lease period. You can also extend the lease period as per your requirement.

Upgrade in Less Time

As stated earlier, the evolution of new technologies brings frequent updates in medical devices or supplies. Hence, if you are leasing equipment, you get the liberty to get upgraded equipment without bearing heavy expenses. This may enable you to keep pace with the latest technological advancements with ease. On the other hand, if you opt for buying new medical equipment, reselling it might become problematic when the same equipment comes in an updated version in the market.

Improved Patient Care

Use of upgraded medical equipment means the provision of better healthcare services to patients. Most of the time, cost acts as a prohibitive factor in enhancing the quality of patient care. Since leasing makes it cost-efficient for you to utilize the latest and most advanced medical supplies, you can efficiently enhance the quality of patient care and treatment options., thus attracting more clients to improve your revenue.

Save Maintenance and Repair Costs

Lastly, you need to remember that if you purchase new equipment, the entire responsibility for its maintenance lies with you. This means you would be required to bear its maintenance and repair costs. However, with leasing, the responsibility of managing and maintaining the equipment lies on the leasing company. This helps in the reduction of the overall costs for you. If you want to buy or lease medical supplies, you may check the wide range of equipment including knee walkers and manual wheelchairs offered by ACG Medical Supply. Our professionals come to your place to assemble the purchased or rented equipment to make it hassle-free for you. With 20 years of assembly experience, our experts ensure that the assembly of your equipment is done right. We further make sure that you do not find any missing or defective parts when you get home. We also offer a pickup option in store for online purchases. You may call us for curbside delivery.