Benefits of Bath Chair for Disabled and Elderly

Bathing is not an easy process for people with disabilities. Even though bathing is meant to be soothing, it can occasionally feel downright frightening. This can be a terrifying task because there’s a chance of tripping and getting hurt, waking up in the hospital, or both. A chair made especially for use in a bathroom is known as a shower chair. For the elderly or those with disabilities who require assistance using the restroom, a shower chair is a necessary piece of equipment. Some chairs feature wheels to function as a form of wheelchair, while others have strong, rubber feet to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. They are safe to use in water because they are waterproof and rust-resistant.

If you are elderly or a person with a disability, here are a few reasons why buying a personal shower chair for you is a smart choice rather than putting your health at risk.

Reasons For Buying A Shower Chair

  • Using a shower chair or bath chair reduces the risk of falling by giving people a secure platform in a slippery shower or bath, which increases safety. For individuals in wheelchairs, seniors, or anybody who finds moving on their own more painful or difficult, shower chairs and bath chairs are very helpful.
  • Limited mobility is only one of the many hardships experienced by those with disabilities or those who are wheelchair-bound. When they can’t do the little things for themselves anymore, they feel like they need other people and start to depend on them, which can have a very bad effect on their quality of life. Being and feeling more autonomous might be facilitated by having a shower or bath chair.
  • It’s supposed to be relaxing to take a shower. But for many, taking a bath each day can be a dreaded or difficult experience. A shower chair can help create a spa-like ambiance that enhances your sense of relaxation. For the benefit of mobility, a shower chair could also be utilized. For instance, if someone has a compound fracture from an accident, they can still take a shower without needing to stand.

Your hygiene and security can significantly improve with the use of a shower chair. Finding the ideal shower chair does not need to be a difficult effort. ACG Medical Supply helps you find the best bath chairs for disabled and elderly people. We deliver necessary medical supplies at affordable prices to those who require them.

Points To Remember When Buying The Bathing Chair

  • Size: Whenever you are buying a bathing chair, always consider the ratio between the space of your bathroom and the space that the bath chair is going to take. You should always choose the chair which not only fits right in your bathroom but also leaves enough space after being placed inside.
  • Height: Just like size, considering height before buying the shower chair also becomes crucial. Always consider buying a chair with a comfortable height. If not, buy a chair that has adjustable legs and a changeable seat height.
  • Weight capacity: Weight capacity becomes an important factor for people who weigh more than 300 lbs. hence, people who weigh more than 300 lbs, might need a bariatric shower chair
  • Support: Always buy bath chairs depending upon your comfort and your living style. Sometimes, shower chairs with arms and backrests make a huge difference in the user’s choice. These choices depend on the sitting habits of the person using the chair. Moreover, some people like using wheelchairs but have more mobility around the house, whereas, some prefer fixed non-slippery chairs in the bathroom.

Having necessary and proper shower accessories is important for the elderly and people with disabilities. Nothing is more important than their safety and comfort and these two factors should be primary when buying a shower chair.