How to Improve Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health as You Age

It’s Healthy Aging Month! To age gracefully and in good spirits, we thought we should talk about how to improve the aging process when it comes to your physical, mental and emotional health. Not one of these is less important than the other, so let’s begin!


Obviously being in shape and staying active makes sense to do as you age. Changes occur in your body over time such as weaker bones, an enlarged heart, forgetfulness, dulled senses, decayed teeth, wrinkled skin and so on. To slow the physical aging process, going for walks and light weight lifting can help stop the weakening of your bones and muscles. If you need assistance when walking, walkers or canes are the perfect helpers!

Taking the right vitamins will help you internally, and stopping bad habits like smoking can reduce effects as well. Smoking can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke and cancer – it also causes more damage to your skin and hair as you age.


Mental health is often overlooked when thinking of what affects you while you age. Keeping your mind sharp to avoid that forgetfulness we all experience is goal #1. Playing mind games that stimulate your brain will help avoid cognitive decline. You can also try learning a new language, playing an instrument, trying out a new puzzle or playing word games. 

Another way to stay sharp mentally is to stay active in the community by volunteering – this will help you feel valued and needed, as well as stimulate your brain by having to make conversation with others. A similar way to keep conversations in your life is to stay in touch with old friends. Feeling connected will help lower your chance of mental decline.


Emotional health is extremely important to take care of as you age. If you begin to feel depressed and isolated, your health can easily take a turn for the worse. Avoiding stress in your life is key to keeping your emotional health at its prime. Learn relaxation methods to cope with stress – these could include deep breathing, meditation and exercise.

Pick up a new hobby or get a pet you have to care for. These two options can bring joy to your life and keep you feeling happy and needed. Positivity and finding meaning in your life will keep your health on the rise, instead of letting negativity bog you down.

It’s not an easy task to improve your overall health, especially as you get older. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance from ACG Medical Supply – we might have just the products you need!