5 Most Common Sports Injuries

With fall sports up and running, injuries are bound to happen. Whether your child runs cross country or is in football or volleyball, at some point during their athletic career, some type of pain will surface. Today, ACG Medical has listed the five most common sports injuries and what you can do to prevent and heal them! 

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Since the majority of sports injuries involve the lower body, patellofemoral syndrome is a common knee injury that occurs. When swelling occurs from a fall, the two muscles holding the kneecap in place can be disrupted and cause an imbalance. Ice, rest, bracing and physical therapy can help solve this injury. ACG Medical Supply offers many different types of knee braces, so you’re able to find the best fit for you!

Shoulder Injury

Your shoulder is the weakest joint of the body and gets a great deal of force from playing sports. So it makes plenty of sense when we see dislocations, misalignment, muscle strains and ligament sprains. Shoulder braces and Biofreeze will help you heal. Biofreeze is an amazing solution for so many injuries to help lessen the pain thanks to being the #1 clinically recommended topical analgesic!

Hamstring Strain

When the hamstring is tight it is more susceptible to a tear or strain. Rest, ice, gentle stretching and physical therapy will help heal this muscle. It does take time to heal and some injuries may be severe enough to where no pressure can be put on the leg. Crutches will help relieve the pressure but give the mobility needed to the athlete.


It’s very common to get hit in the head playing sports, which then can lead to a concussion. Concussion symptoms can include sensitivity to light, headache, nausea, confusion, dizziness and slurred speech. Be sure to have your child checked out by an athletic trainer and doctor, as a concussion is a serious injury. Rest, reduced activities and the avoidance of visual and sensory stimuli are required to heal.

Tennis Elbow

Due to the repetitive action of a sport, the tendons of the forearm can become inflamed and make any wrist or hand motions extremely painful. Early treatment requires ice to lessen the inflammation. Ice packs of any size will work to help along with anti-inflammatory medication and an elbow brace. After some physical therapy, the athlete should be able to return!
With fall sports underway, there are bound to be injuries to follow. If you or a loved one has faced an injury and is in need of a recovery device, contact ACG Medical Supply today!