Exercises to Help Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis tends to occur when the thick bands of fiber present at the bottom of the feet become inflamed. It causes extreme discomfort and is every runner’s ultimate nightmare. Plantar fasciitis starts as a slight irritation in the area, but it can grow and advance into an injury if it is not appropriately treated before it is too late. Standard remedies for plantar fasciitis include icing, resting, pain killers, orthotics, etc. All these remedies are useful, and they provide relief from the discomfort, but they can’t guarantee a full recovery. The underlying reason for the injury, i.e., is the weak, tight muscles and tendons that support the foot, have to be treated to altogether eliminate it. In this era of modern medicine, we sideline non-medicinal treatments when it comes to an injury. However, numerous doctors suggest that following a set of exercises regularly can reduce and recover from plantar fasciitis. These exercises can quickly be done at home. Let’s find out what they’re.

Stretching the Calves

Plantar fasciitis can worsen by the muscle tension present in the feet and the calves. Releasing the pain in the calves can help in giving immense relief from the excruciating pain. You can follow this easy exercise.

Begin by leaning your hands against a wall and straightening the leg’s knee in pain while making sure your other knee is bent in the front. Keep a steady position on the ground and ensure both feet are flat. You should feel a stretching sensation in the heel along with the calf of the leg in pain. When you feel that stretch hold your position for 10 seconds and then release, repeat the cycle thrice. For more detailed instructions, click here.

Step Stretch

This exercise aims to elevate the flexibility in the calves and the Achilles tendons. The tightness present in these two areas can cause extreme discomfort and pain. Doing the step stretch helps to reduce it.

Start by standing in an upright position and pressing your toes downwards into the ground while ensuring your heel is firm at one particular position. Your foot should create an arch or a doom. Hold your position and then release it. It is recommended to do three sets of 10 reps on each foot. Read this brief article for more in-depth instructions.

Rolling Stretch

One of the most straightforward yet effective exercise for Plantar fasciitis is the rolling stretch. Place any round object under the foot and start rolling back and forth. This movement tends to loosen the foot muscle area and provide significant relief from the pain. People tend to use rolling pins, but there are also specialized foam rollers designed for this purpose. Place yourself on a chair, preferably a tall one, so that you can stretch your leg a little. Now roll the round object under the arch of the foot. Roll for two to three minutes. Watch this 2-minute video guide to start this Plantar Fascia exercise.