What Is The Role of a Wheelchair? Which Ones Are The Best?

The primary purpose of a wheelchair is to allow a user with limited mobility to move both indoors and outdoors. If you are new to the world of wheelchairs or unsure where to begin when buying one do not look any further, ACG Medical Supply got you covered. Although wheelchairs are necessary for various reasons (sickness, accident, or disability), they do not have to be uncomfortable or unsightly. Today’s market is flooded with options for wheelchair users who wish to live their lives to the fullest, ranging from collapsible to ergonomic chairs and everything in between.

Comfort is the Key

It is critical to understand that purchasing a wheelchair is more complicated than simply “purchasing a wheelchair.” Because wheelchairs come in various shapes and sizes and can accommodate almost any body type, finding one that completely meets your needs is the most important thing to do. Comfortable wheelchairs are crucial for your physical health, but they are also important for your emotional health. More comfortable wheelchair users can participate in more activities, than who sit in uncomfortable chairs may tire quickly and lose interest in their events. However, if you can go out without feeling difficulty or discomfort, you are more likely to enjoy what you do. Being able to go out and do things might also assist your mental health. Comfortable wheelchairs might also provide opportunities for exercising.

Aspects to Consider for New Wheelchair Users

There are various types of wheelchairs that are suitable for use in this circumstance of discomfort. Manual Wheelchairs are designed for the person in the chair to navigate independently, these chairs usually feature larger back wheels to help you control and move the chair forward, which could also make the chair big and difficult to transport. Many manual chairs now have quick-release wheels that make them easier to store. Wheelchairs that are light and ultra-light feature stiff frames, which allows for more forward force. Because the chair does not fold and fast-release wheels are more helpful.

Transport Wheelchairs are intended to be pushed by caregivers or companions. Wheelchairs built for transport, on the other hand, often have four small wheels. However, wheelchairs made for manual use typically have two smaller wheels in front and two larger wheels in the back.

A power wheelchair, also known as a powerchair, electric wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, or electric-powered wheelchair (EPW), has a battery-powered motor and is controlled via a joystick. This wheelchair that drives forward with the assistance of an electric motor rather than the user’s muscular power and helps individuals unable to walk short distances or have weaker upper extremities may benefit from them.

The Pride Jazzy Wheelchair provides a variety of real-world mobility solutions. There is a Jazzy Chair to fit everyone’s needs, from conveniently portable power wheelchairs to durable models with ATX Suspension for increased performance across uneven terrain including its structure, unrivaled mobility, and ease of operation, which can be used comfortably.

Promote Mobility and Enhance Quality of Life

There are many options ranging from portable indoor wheelchairs that are good on smooth floors to outdoor chairs with specialized tracks or wheels for uneven terrain.
Wheelchairs have advanced significantly over the years, yet it may still be difficult to locate the ideal wheelchair that meets all your needs. An occupational therapist can assist you in sorting through all your alternatives and can help you in customizing your chair to match your needs.

Other types of equipment you may require include saddlebags for keeping your things, Foam, gel, or air-filled seat Wheelchair Cushions, Headrest, a Power pack for your manual chair, Powerchair battery backup, and Suspension frog legs.

Finding the correct wheelchair can make all the difference, but it takes time, but working with a therapist can assist to reduce the stress associated with wheelchair purchasing.