Your One-Stop Guide to Selecting the Ultimate Mobility Aid

Life as we know it is unpredictable. No one is immune to accidents and injuries. That certainly doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our normal way of living. The elderly, differently abled, and injured can still enjoy the ease of moving around freely with a mobility aid. Modern mobility equipment is not difficult to find with the likes of ACG Medical Supply. However, selecting the suitable one can often seem to be challenging. To begin with, let us know what exactly these modern marvels are. A mobility aid is a device designed with advanced technology to assist older, disabled, and injured individuals, get around on their own without being dependent on others. Scooters, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers are all types of mobility aids. While a few of them might be built for aiding short-term injuries other mobility aids are developed to assist people for longer durations. Choosing between two mobility devices, for instance, walking canes and Rollator walkers for seniors can frequently confuse you unless you research and plan your budget before buying. This guide will help you in choosing the appropriate mobility equipment based on your needs.

Though every individual has unique needs, mobility devices can often be customized to meet those. Regardless of customizations, all mobility equipment can be classified into:

• Minimal mobility aids for individuals with slight walking instability
• Moderate mobility aids for individuals needing support to walk.
• Maximum mobility aids for individuals who cannot walk.

Minimal mobility aids include walking canes. Canes are designed to assist in maintaining your balance or support an injured leg. A lot of canes come with flexible heights to meet the user’s needs. Individuals prone to falling can make use of a cane to deal with foot imbalance. The main objective of walking canes is to decrease effort and make walking less tiresome. You can also steer clear in congested places with the help of a cane. A good choice for arthritis patients is often offset walking canes as they provide more comfort and a better hand-grasp. A range of compact and travel-friendly folding canes are also available in the market. The specialty of these canes is that they can be fitted into bags or beneath seats. If you are someone looking for a cane with slightly increased stability than regular canes, go for a 4 feet-ended quad cane. The most popular choice in canes is still a single rubber-tipped one which can be easily obtained through ACG Medical Supply.

Moderate mobility aids are halfway between minimal and maximum mobility aids and can be of help to people who need a little more support than canes but a little less support than wheelchairs. Rollator walkers for seniors are one of the more popular medium assistance mobility equipment. With age, people tend to need support for walking and a rollator walker which has an inbuilt seat and 3 to 4 swiveling wheels is ideal for most senior citizens. These ensure maximum support and come with handle brakes. You would have to maneuver these brakes to control them from rolling around freely so it is not recommended for individuals who might forget how and when to use the brakes. Rollators and walkers are good for people with balance issues and weaker legs. Choosing the right walker is essential to avoid falling and getting hurt. All walkers including ones available at ACG Medical Supply aid in supporting a part of bodyweight while you are standing or walking. Some other types of moderate mobility aids include Standard walkers and Power scooters, which assist people in traveling long distances without walking. Power scooters are the way to go when you are shopping as they are equipped with a front section to carry storage baskets.

Maximum mobility aids like wheelchairs assist individuals who face challenges while walking great distances or can barely walk a few steps in one go. Wheelchairs that need to be operated by the user or moved around by people accompanying them are called Manual wheelchairs. Some other types of wheelchairs are Standard, Transport, and Power wheelchairs. The primary difference between Manual wheelchairs and Power wheelchairs is that while the former is self-operated or needs another person’s assistance to be moved around, the latter is battery-operated and doesn’t require to be pushed around by someone.

Sometimes moving around is not the only time an individual needs support. When you have undergone an injury or are a person who needs stability and aid to stand while bathing. There is help available in the form of bariatric bath chairs. These chairs are best for people whose safety and comfort need to be ensured while showering. An individual doesn’t have to worry about maintaining their balance or falling while bathing and can sit relaxed on these heavy-duty chairs which are designed to endure their weight. Most bariatric bath chairs are also apt for overweight people who are susceptible to falls.

Now that you know all about the various types of mobility aid and their uses you can easily select one that fits your needs but always remember to check out the warranty on offer and any maintenance requirements for the device while researching. If you’re still unable to decide, try ACG Medical Supply for browsing the latest mobility equipment with great deals.