Best Hi-Low Hospital Beds to Buy In 2022

Hospital beds for homes are specifically designed to offer the highest level of comfort. Beds like these are quite suitable for people on medications who are recovering from injuries or any illness. Providing comfort and catering to patients’ needs, hospital beds for home come with a creative design that allows the bed’s head, legs, and height to be adjusted as per the patient’s comfort. For something so significant for patients, it is always advisable to be well-informed about the various types of hospital beds and which one will suit patients the best.

Three of the popular types of hospital beds include fully electric, manually operated, and semi-electric beds. But fully electric and semi-electric beds are widely recognized for the performance they serve, the comfort they provide, and their ease of usage. This discussion will further give you a good idea about all these hospital beds and will help you in deciding which one will be the most purposeful for you:

  1. Drive Full Electric Heavy Duty Hospital Bed Package with Rails and Foam Mattress

Featuring a sturdy construction and practical design, the Drive Full Electric Heavy Duty Hospital Bed ensures a comfortable sleeping experience. The bed is designed with a steel frame that ensures durability, has a split-pan design that runs smoothly and silently, and also comes with a hand control that offers several bed configurations. It can easily carry up to 750 pounds of weight and also come in wide dimensions to let you sleep with convenience and no restrictions. The easy-going wheel makes adjusting the bed in any room far more convenient. The fairly larger size of these beds makes them a much better option than average hospital beds that have comparatively lesser dimensions. The user-friendly framework of this bed is what makes it a highly selected one. The detachable bed ends can be arranged and put together as and when required.

  1. Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed

The Full-Electric Hi-Low Hospital Bed is another fully-automatic hospital bed to go for. Featuring a soft mattress and sturdy side rails, this hospital bed assures a comfortable sleeping experience. It comes with a simple pendant control that allows motorized positioning of the upper body and knees, as well as height adjustment of the bed frame to make operations easier for both patients as well as caregivers. This electric hospital bed can easily accommodate 350 lbs of patient weight and 450 lbs weight in total, inclusive of all accessories like bed rails and many more. Besides boasting a durable framework, this heavy duty hospital bed with rails in particular requires lesser maintenance including easy delivery, quick set-up, and hassle-free cleaning. Similar to the other beds from Drive Medical, this one is also made using welded steel and comes with a chrome-plated finish.
Dimensions of this bed are 9.5″ – 20″ height; 36″ width x 80″ length sleep surface; 36″ width x 88″ length overall bed.

  1. Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed Package

The Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed is best for people who are overweight or obese. This heavy-duty hospital bed can support up to 600 pounds and extends to the bed deck’s edges for improved support. Featuring easy adjustability options like a hand pendant, this allows you to adjust the bed’s head and foot positions as well as its height. The heavy-duty full-electric bed frame from Invacare, the foam mattress BARMATT42, and the heavy-duty half-length bed rails BAR6640IVC are all included in this bariatric bed package.

Even though this bed is big, setting it up in the house is simple. To provide comfortable placement, hospital bed packages for seniors have a sleep surface that is 17% larger than conventional beds. But what makes this one of a kind is that the bed can be conveniently moved around and arranged as per preferences. It comes with a split-spring design including removable bed ends and wheels that make transportation quick and easy. The foam mattress is additionally made of latex-free components and comes with waterproof and antibacterial properties, thus offering the utmost practicality.
Dimensions of this bed are 14″ – 22″ height; 80″ sleep surface length; 42″ sleep surface width; 88″ overall length; 42″ overall width; 27″- 34″ universal bed end.

  1. Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed Package

Semi-electric hospital beds feature the perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. Beds like the Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed boast a height adjustment and ensure an effortless positioning of the upper body and knees. These ACG medical hospital beds are skilfully constructed using premium-grade welded steel and have been chrome-plated assuring maximum resistance to damages or abrasions. This medical bed comes with a high-quality soft foam mattress and half-length hospital bed rails that can be permanently or semi-permanently attached. Bed rails are accessories that prove to be a smart addition ensuring safety and accident prevention.
Dimensions of this bed are 15″ – 23″ height; 36″ width x 80″ length sleep surface; 36″ width x 88″ length overall bed.

Concluding Thoughts…

When purchasing hospital beds online it is important that you select options from reliable websites that are fairly descriptive about the components and features. One such recommended online medical store to go for is ACG Medical Supply. These feature products from popular brands like Drive Medical and Invacare. Not only do these offer high-quality and well-designed hospital beds but also feature a wide collection of hospital bed mattresses, cervical pillows, and other medical products.