Best Medical Products for An Arthritic Relief

With more than 10 million cases per year, arthritis has become a severe health condition that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness. Not only does it affect joints and cause inflammation but it also leads to several other concerning health issues. The symptoms may worsen over time and also cause problems in other organs such as the eyes, heart, or skin. Apart from going for a proper medical diagnosis, it is important that patients suffering from arthritis opt for self-care and therapies to reduce the effects and symptoms of this disease. This blog will thereby offer a brief discussion about the best products available for people living with arthritis:

Heat and Cold Therapies

Medical professionals highly recommend using hot and cold therapy to lessen inflammation and soothe the affected parts of the body. Since there are distinctive types of arthritis with different symptoms, it becomes quite essential that you use therapies that are effective for the particular type.

  • Heat Therapy

Heat therapy for instance is suitable for Rheumatoid Arthritis applying heat to the inflamed area will offer a soothing touch. The heat will allow oxygen and blood in the body to move freely while relaxing muscles. Some of the best products to reduce stiffness include heating pads and paraffin bath units. Heating pads like the Battle Creek Thermophore Classic Moist Heat Pack are expertly crafted with a special hand-held switch for convenience and come with a size twice larger than average heat packs. These easily provide a sufficient area of heat therapy to cover the entire spinal area, the length of a hip and leg, or all across both shoulders to effectively relieve pain from all affected areas.

  • Cold Therapy

Cold therapy which is popularly known as cryotherapy is likewise a convenient way to treat pain and swelling in joints. This is also a pain relief option for injuries. Cold therapy involves using cold packs and cooling wraps and gently pressing them on the targeted area to get rid of pain, swelling, or muscle cramps. The BodyMed Cold Compression Therapy Wrap for example features four different therapy wraps including shoulder, back, knee and ankle. This hassle-free removable gel pack stays pliable throughout treatment and the self-controlled compression with inflating pump ensures great relief.

Arthritis Gloves

Offering both support and compression, arthritis gloves have heating capabilities that effectively try to relieve hand arthritis. Consider gloves like the Thermoskin Premium Arthritis Gloves for a clinically validated heat treatment where pain and swelling in joints can be naturally and comfortably relieved sitting at home. Innovatively crafted gloves like these come in three layers for an effective healing process. The soft inner layer draws moisture away, the middle layer contributes to temperature rise during heat therapy, and the outermost layer offers minimal compression. Besides being an effective treatment of pain relief for achy joints, these arthritis gloves are also helpful in releasing pain from sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

Arthritis Support for Knees and Ankles

One of the most widely effective medical products for arthritis is knee and ankle support. Using these in a prescribed way provides enhanced joint mobility which gradually hastens the healing process allowing you to participate in everyday activities with absolute freedom.

Some recommendations for the same include highly-effective arthritis knee supports like the Actimove Arthritis Care Knee Support offers gentle compression and reduces swelling. What makes them a perfect pick is the four-way stretch design and ceramic fiber construction that lets therapeutic heat penetrate deeply into the sore joint, muscles, and surrounding tissues, offering a comforting relief. For minor arthritis, ankle sprains, strains, or muscle tears, you may also consider the streamlined and comfortable ProStyle Performer Knee Support. These are available in various sizes to fit you with perfection and to make the healing process faster and more soothing.

Lift Recliners

Lift recliners serve as essential equipment for people suffering from arthritis. Managing operations becomes convenient with the remote and its soft-touch buttons that each function as per the user’s preferences. Due to joint aches and swelling, it may become difficult for individuals to step out or carry out operations with ease. A perfectly-sized lift recliner will be a beneficial addition for such patients. Recliners like the Power Lift Recliner, for example, feature a contemporary design and come with additional padding for improved comfort. With such functional equipment, easy movement will never be restricted for you.

To Sum It Up….

Besides opting for healing and therapeutical products, it is also important that you be mindful of creating a safe living atmosphere for arthritic patients. Begin by adding useful medical products to your bathrooms which can become a dangerous spot for such patients. A Heavy-Duty Commode, Bath Stools, and Shower Chairs are ideal to make things easier for people living with arthritis. For more such healing medical equipment or bathroom safety medical supplies you may scroll through popular websites like ACG Medical Supply which features a fine collection of useful medical products for arthritic patients.